“I can do this myself.”

“I can do this myself.” I respect the “DIY” folks…sometimes I’m one…however, here’s a little story to illustrate the flaw in such thinking…enjoy. CUSTOMER: “How much will it cost to do this job?” CONTRACTOR: “$2,800 Dollars.” CUSTOMER: “That’s WAY too expensive for this job!!” CONTRACTOR: “How much do YOU think it would cost?” CUSTOMER: “No […]

Ya Just Gotta Laugh.

Ya Just Gotta Laugh. With everything a veteran is put through to obtain these vital and important benefits, sometimes taking a breath can help. Just know, we’re here and ready to help you succeed. https://rlcvet.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Hilarious-Rendition-of-the-VA-Claims-Process.mp4 Special thanks to the_darby_king for the vid.

Grow an estate and leave a legacy.

Grow an estate and leave a legacy. As your awards begin rolling in, you’ll begin to feel some level of either validation or vindication. For many of our veterans, the money issue is vital for so many reasons. Quality of life. Finally being able to purchase a home.. (Not to mention the thousands of dollars […]

You thought math was stupid and made no sense in high school?

You thought math was stupid and made no sense in high school? Well, clearly you’ve not been exposed to VA math. It’s more complicated than trigonometry and designed to WITHHOLD paying benefits to our veterans. Just like VA doctors are incentivized and punished for withholding favorable exams for veterans. It’s all about the money. ALWAYS. […]

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day! America owes each of you a debt of gratitude and the patriots of America are deeply grateful for your time and sacrifice. Previous Next