Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing. All initial consultations are free. In office or virtual.

The BEST answer, is, “it depends”. There are a lot of moving parts with the required documentation, the medical opinions, the VA examiners, the merits of your conditions and the precise verbiage required to sway the VA to say “Yes”.

Great question! This VA issued >> chart << is your best source for that answer.  This dollar amount is PER MONTH. FOR LIFE. TAX FREE. The real question now is, what will you do to get it?

GREAT question! Our unbiased answer is this; VSO’s are hard working volunteers or state-compensated employees for sure.

However, they have little if any real incentive to advocate actively, much less fiercely for you. They exist as a free option. Their overall process is to advise you to submit your ITF then “good luck”. They haven’t the resources required to effectively guide you in the safest direction with the highest probability of success. Any review on a veterans support social media platform bears this out. They’re simply overwhelmed.

Attorneys are notorious for “bait and switch” tactics. They’ll charge a client ZERO money upfront, or ever.  HOWEVER, they will rip a large percentage (20 – 30%) of the veterans award for their services. Decide you don’t want to give them that percentage? Too bad. You’re required to sign a contract stating you will OR it gets used against you in court where you will lose. Great way to treat our veterans, right?

RLC. Veteran founded and owned.(See our founders story on the “About Us” page on this website.)

Managed by business executives with decades of contract creation, negotiation and successful client closings. We have the knowledge and resources to pursue avenues of success until we get you to membership in the coveted “100%” club.  We aren’t parentage based because we feel that’s abusive. Rather, we are disclosed up front, flat fee menu based. You KNOW what you’re paying for.

Always remember, NO entity or individual can ever GUARANTEE results. RLC is no different. We base our success on the success of each individual veteran.

Once you’ve received a rating and cash flow is knocking on your door every month, that’s when we advise creating a legacy strategy to protect those valuable assets. Without one, upon your death, your loved ones could be left destitute and possibly homeless.

No worries. As you may or may not know, approximately 80% of American military personnel files were destroyed in a fire at the national personnel records center (NPRC) in St. Louis, MO in 1973. We can assist you with locating yours using our approved contract sources.

We also contract with an outside source specializing in obtaining medical records for our veterans. If, however, you’ve never seen a doctor and a complete medical history needs to be created to specifically service connect your condition(s), we utilize physicians experienced in structuring such records.

We file your initial notification to the VA alerting them to the fact that everything is on its way. That critical filing sets the tone of getting on the radar of the VA. The dozens of specialized VA forms and hundreds of medical documents are managed and submitted by RLC on your behalf.

Again. It depends. We prefer you stay engaged with us until you achieve membership in the coveted “100% Club.”

Only YOU will be advised of status from the VA. You are notified via your VA eBenefits account. We rely on you to notify us every time you receive communication from the VA as many of their requirements are perishable. If you miss responding to any of them, it could be disastrous.

Breathe. Then remember RLC has contract attorneys experienced in VA procedures for compelling VA through the legal system to overturn any denials for our veterans. If you ever need these services, we refer you to an attorney to interview, then employ to represent you.

Great question! As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” >>> This chart <<< can do much to help you understand that question, but it’s better explained by your advocate at your free consultation.

YES. The internet is an amazing tool. We can conduct your initial consult and subsequent appointments with us remotely via Zoom.
Keep in mind, while some physician/technician examinations can be conducted virtually, if an in-office appointment is required, please do all you can to meet with the physician.

First, become certified. >> HERE <<is the link for you. As processes for the VA are national, a national certification is not required. Once certified, send an email with your contact information and copy of your completion certificate to:
You’ll receive onboarding instructions from there.