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• Louie Frias
• Director of Advocates
• Main Office, Henderson, NV

I began serving veterans in 1981 when I received my real estate license in California. I learned much about the VA and one aspect of their benefit for veterans.
Part of my stewardship for helping our veterans was spending many of my days at the C&V division at VAROLA fussing with procurement of DD214’s allowing us to obtain the coveted Certificate of Eligibility.
In early 2022 I was preparing to retire after four decades of business ownership in the real estate, insurance, and financial services industries.
I was approached by a colleague to step in and help him create a much better system for assisting American veterans in submitting for and securing their benefits.
I hail from Southern California and now call Southern Nevada home and currently a licensed real estate broker in California and Nevada.
I’m a senior faculty instructor for one of the largest private vocational educational companies in America.
I’m a former CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for the Clark County family court system and was President of the largest youth soccer league in Nevada.
When traveling about Mexico, my daughter and I assist volunteer veterinarians conducting spay and neuter clinics.
Welcome to a safe place where you’re among friends.

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