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VA Benefits Review

Have you received your disabled license plates? Applied for dental or health care? There is so much you’re entitled to as a disabled veteran.

Credit Repair & Raise Credit Score

You may qualify for special credit reduction programs designed to improve your credit score, and allow you the freedom you fought for us!

Tax Review

Whether you’re looking for a reduction in your county property tax, looking for a DMV Tax Exemption, or just want a review, we’re here for you.

Life Resource Planning

You could qualify for special VA Home Loan rates, as well as VA mortgage Insurance. Also, you may qualify for in-home care!

Veterans Financial Planning

Looking for home or auto adaptation grants? How about a review of your VA loans? Disabled Veterans have more options than most.

Survivor Benefits

RLC Veterans Assistance can help loved ones navigate through the toughest of times. We offer a variety of services to Survivors.

When you're trying to decide your future success.

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We feel the sooner a Veteran receives their benefits the better. That’s what motivates us.


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We’re always thinking of new ways to maximize the benefits for our Veterans.  


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